1. In which country was Chris Hemsworth born?
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Begin an epic adventure with the Chris Hemsworth Quiz, dedicated to the charismatic actor who brought the God of Thunder to life – Thor!

From the realms of Asgard to the action-packed Marvel Cinematic Universe, Chris Hemsworth has become a global sensation with his charm and commanding on-screen presence.

This quiz invites you to explore the diverse roles and exciting journey of the Australian actor. Testing your knowledge on everything from his early career to his superhero moments. Get ready for a new adventure!

Alright, let's talk about Chris Hemsworth – the Aussie sensation who's basically the epitome of cool in Hollywood. Born in '83, this guy has been gracing our screens for a minute now, and let me tell you, he's excelling in his career.

First things first, can we talk about Thor? I mean, seriously, who would've thought a Norse god could be this charming? The guy's got those superhero looks, those piercing blue eyes – it's like he stepped right out of a comic book. And the hammer? Iconic. Chris Hemsworth owns that role like it's no one else's business.

But let's not box him into the superhero category. "Rush" was a cinematic masterpiece, showing us a whole different side of Hemsworth. Playing James Hunt in the high-speed world of Formula 1, he proved he's not just about capes and hammers – the dude can act. The intensity, the charisma – you felt it.

Now, "Thor: Ragnarok" – hands down my favorite Marvel movie. Why? Because Hemsworth brought the laughs. His comedic timing is next level. It's not easy to blend action and humor, but he nailed it. The whole film had this laid-back, fun vibe, and it's like he gave Thor a personality makeover.

What's even more impressive is the guy's off-screen life. I mean, have you seen his family pics? #FamilyGoals, seriously. He's got this whole dad-of-three thing going on, and it's oddly heartwarming to see Thor in dad mode. It humanizes him, you know? And that "Centr" app he launched – genius move. Staying fit with Thor as your virtual coach? It's like having a superhero as your personal trainer.

But here's the kicker – despite being this Hollywood heavyweight, Hemsworth doesn't carry that typical celebrity ego. You see him in interviews, on social media – he's just chill. Like the kind of guy you'd grab a beer with and shoot the breeze. In an industry where egos can be bigger than blockbuster budgets, his down-to-earth vibe is a breath of fresh air.

And let's not forget his fashion game. Red carpet or casual stroll, the dude knows how to rock a look. Those suits? Sharp as Mjolnir. And that beard? It's practically a fashion statement on its own.

Turning 40, he's making it look good and is aging like fine wine. It's not just about the roles he chooses or the movies he headlines - it's about how he carries himself on and off the screen. There's this effortless cool about him that's hard to put into words – a mix of Aussie charm, Hollywood swagger, and just being an all-around good guy.

So, here's to Chris Hemsworth – the man who made us believe a thunder god could be relatable, funny, and effortlessly cool. May he keep swinging that hammer and gracing our screens for years to come. Cheers!

All quiz questions with correct and incorrect quiz answers for Chris Hemsworth Quiz

Quiz question 1. In which country was Chris Hemsworth born?

Correct answer: Australia
Incorrerct answers:
United States

Quiz question 2. What is the name of Chris Hemsworth's character in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Correct answer: Thor
Incorrerct answers:
Tony Stark
Steve Rogers
Bruce Banner

Quiz question 3. What is Chris Hemsworth's height?

Correct answer: 6ft 3 inches
Incorrerct answers:
6ft 2 inches
6ft 0 inches
6ft 1 inches

Quiz question 4. Chris Hemsworth played a significant role in which 2015 film based on a true story about a shipwreck?

Correct answer: In the Heart of the Sea
Incorrerct answers:
12 Strong
Bad Times at the El Royale

Quiz question 5. Which of Chris Hemsworth's brothers is also an actor and played Thor in a stage play in Thor: Ragnarok?

Correct answer: Luke Hemsworth
Incorrerct answers:
Liam Hemsworth
Tom Hemsworth
Zac Hemsworth

Quiz question 6. What is the name of Chris Hemsworth's character in the movie 'Snow White and the Huntsman'?

Correct answer: Eric the Huntsman
Incorrerct answers:
Edward the Huntsman
Prince Charming

Quiz question 7. In which film does Chris Hemsworth portray Formula One racing driver James Hunt?

Correct answer: Rush
Incorrerct answers:
Days of Thunder
The Fast and the Furious

Quiz question 8. What is the name of Chris Hemsworth's wife?

Correct answer: Elsa Pataky
Incorrerct answers:
Scarlett Johansson
Natalie Portman
Jennifer Lawrence

Quiz question 9. Which fantasy adventure film stars Chris Hemsworth as the Huntsman alongside Charlize Theron?

Correct answer: The Huntsman: Winter's War
Incorrerct answers:
Thor: The Dark World
Snow White and the Huntsman
The Jungle Book

Quiz question 10. Chris Hemsworth appeared in which 2019 SF action-comedy film featuring Liam Neeson and Tessa Thompson?

Correct answer: Men in Black: International
Incorrerct answers:
Charlie's Angels
Bad Boys for Life

Quiz question 11. What is the name of the character played by Chris Hemsworth in the 'Ghostbusters' reboot?

Correct answer: Kevin Beckman
Incorrerct answers:
Peter Venkman
Ray Stantz
Egon Spengler

Quiz question 12. In 2019, Chris Hemsworth launched a fitness app. What is the name of the app?

Correct answer: Centr
Incorrerct answers:
Hemsworth Health

Quiz question 13. In 'Thor: Ragnarok,' Chris Hemsworth's character finds himself on which planet?

Correct answer: Sakaar
Incorrerct answers:

Quiz question 14. Who was Chris Hemsworth's professional dance partner when he participated in the fifth season of Dancing with the Stars Australia?

Correct answer: Abbey Ross
Incorrerct answers:
Emma Slater
Derek Hough
Cheryl Burke

Quiz question 15. Which Australian soap opera provided Chris Hemsworth with one of his first acting roles?

Correct answer: Home and Away
Incorrerct answers:
Sons and Daughters

Quiz question 16. In the 2010 film 'Ca$h', who played the character Sam alongside Chris Hemsworth?

Correct answer: Sean Bean
Incorrerct answers:
Sean Connery
Sean Penn
Sean Astin

Quiz question 17. Which war film features Chris Hemsworth as Captain Mitch Nelson, leading a U.S. Special Forces detachment?

Correct answer: 12 Strong
Incorrerct answers:
Hacksaw Ridge

Quiz question 18. In 2015, Chris Hemsworth co-starred in the comedy film 'Vacation' alongside which actor?

Correct answer: Ed Helms
Incorrerct answers:
Zach Galifianakis
Jason Sudeikis
Will Ferrell

Quiz question 19. Chris Hemsworth has been working on a six-part documentary series called 'Limitless' for which network?

Correct answer: National Geographic
Incorrerct answers:
Discovery Channel
History Channel

Quiz question 20. Which Australian Football League (AFL) team does Chris Hemsworth passionately support?

Correct answer: Western Bulldogs
Incorrerct answers:
Melbourne Demons
Geelong Cats
Adelaide Crows