1. In which year did Jennifer Lawrence win her first Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in 'Silver Linings Playbook' movie ?
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Step into the spotlight with the Jennifer Lawrence Quiz, a amazing journey through the career of one of Hollywood's brightest stars.

Known for her wit, charm, and exceptional acting skills, Jennifer Lawrence has graced the silver screen with memorable performances.

From the Hunger Games series to her Academy Award-winning roles, this quiz is your chance to celebrate the talent and charisma that make Jennifer Lawrence a beloved figure in the world of entertainment.

Born in '90, she's this bold, vivacious force that's carved her niche in the industry with style and an unmatched acting prowess.

First off, let's go back to where it all began – "Winter's Bone." Lawrence's breakout role was no ordinary feat. Her portrayal of Ree Dolly, a resilient young woman navigating the complexities of her Ozark Mountain community, earned her an Academy Award nomination and showcased her ability to command the screen.

But let's not pretend like we don't know her as Katniss Everdeen. "The Hunger Games" trilogy catapulted her into superstardom, and rightfully so. Katniss wasn't just ordinary character. She became a symbol of rebellion and strength. Lawrence brought a raw authenticity to the role that made you believe in the power of one person against the system.

And then there's her stint as Mystique in the "X-Men" series. Talk about a shape-shifting, kick-ass mutant. Lawrence breathed life into a character that could have easily been overshadowed by the ensemble cast. Mystique became more than just blue skin and yellow eyes - she became a symbol of empowerment.

Now, "Silver Linings Playbook" – the film that bagged her the Best Actress Oscar. Lawrence played Tiffany Maxwell, this complex, dynamic character dealing with her own struggles. Her chemistry with Bradley Cooper was magnetic, and she brought this refreshing blend of vulnerability and strength to the role. You couldn't help but root for her.

But what makes Jennifer Lawrence truly stand out is not just her acting chops but her no-nonsense attitude. She's the girl who trips on the Oscar stage and turns it into a moment of endearing realness. That's the thing about her – there's this authenticity that cuts through the Hollywood glitz. She's not afraid to be herself, whether it's in interviews or on social media.

And let's talk about her off-screen persona. J-Law – the girl you want as your BFF. From red carpet stumbles to pizza cravings at award shows, she's the epitome of relatability. In an industry known for its carefully crafted images, Lawrence is this breath of fresh air, reminding us that even A-listers are human.

Her humor, that unfiltered charm – it's infectious. You see her on late-night shows, cracking jokes, and you're like, "Yeah, I could totally hang out with her." It's this unapologetic, goofy side that makes her so darn likable.

And the fashion game? Oh, she slays. From Dior to casual street style, Lawrence rocks it all. There's this effortless elegance about her, whether she's in a couture gown or rocking jeans and a tee. I imagine she's saying, "There are occasions when I can be glamorous, but in same time I'm just as comfortable in my own skin."

Jennifer Lawrence is not just an actress. She's a cultural icon, a symbol of authenticity in an industry often criticized for its lack thereof. Her journey from a Kentucky girl with big dreams to an Oscar-winning sensation is a testament to talent, tenacity, and staying true to oneself.

So, here's to Jennifer Lawrence – the real-life friend we all wish we had. May she keep gracing our screens with that magnetic presence and reminding us that being yourself is the ultimate superpower. Cheers to the Lawrence magic!

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Quiz question 1. In which year did Jennifer Lawrence win her first Academy Award for Best Actress for her role in 'Silver Linings Playbook' movie ?

Correct answer: 2013
Incorrerct answers:

Quiz question 2. Jennifer Lawrence played the role of Katniss Everdeen in which film series?

Correct answer: The Hunger Games
Incorrerct answers:
Harry Potter

Quiz question 3. What character did Jennifer Lawrence portray in the X-Men film series?

Correct answer: Mystique
Incorrerct answers:
Jean Grey

Quiz question 4. Jennifer Lawrence starred alongside Bradley Cooper in which romantic comedy-drama film?

Correct answer: Silver Linings Playbook
Incorrerct answers:
American Hustle

Quiz question 5. Who are the two older brothers of Jennifer Lawrence?

Correct answer: Ben and Blaine
Incorrerct answers:
Tom and Mark
John and Michael
Chris and Alex

Quiz question 6. Jennifer Lawrence was born in which U.S. state?

Correct answer: Kentucky
Incorrerct answers:
New York

Quiz question 7. What is the title of Jennifer Lawrence's debut film, where she played a character named Agnes?

Correct answer: The Poker House
Incorrerct answers:
Winter's Bone
The Burning Plain
Like Crazy

Quiz question 8. Jennifer Lawrence portrayed a Russian spy in which 2018 espionage thriller film?

Correct answer: Red Sparrow
Incorrerct answers:
Atomic Blonde
Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Quiz question 9. Jennifer Lawrence appeared in the music video for which pop rock band's song?

Correct answer: The Mess I Made
Incorrerct answers:
The Black Keys
Mumford & Sons

Quiz question 10. During her childhood, Jennifer Lawrence enjoyed this outdoor activity. What was it?

Correct answer: Horseback riding
Incorrerct answers:

Quiz question 11. In the film 'Joy,' Jennifer Lawrence portrayed the real-life inventor of what product?

Correct answer: Miracle Mop
Incorrerct answers:
Vacuum cleaner

Quiz question 12. Jennifer Lawrence starred as Mystique in how many films of the X-Men franchise?

Correct answer: Four
Incorrerct answers:

Quiz question 13. Which film marked Jennifer Lawrence's collaboration with director David O. Russell for the first time?

Correct answer: Silver Linings Playbook
Incorrerct answers:
American Hustle
The Fighter

Quiz question 14. Jennifer Lawrence appeared in the 2014 film 'Serena' alongside which actor?

Correct answer: Bradley Cooper
Incorrerct answers:
Brad Pitt
Leonardo DiCaprio
Ryan Gosling

Quiz question 15. Jennifer Lawrence made her feature film debut in which 2008 drama directed by Guillermo Arriaga?

Correct answer: The Burning Plain
Incorrerct answers:
Winter's Bone
Like Crazy
The Poker House

Quiz question 16. Jennifer Lawrence rose to prominence with her breakthrough role in which mystery drama directed by Debra Granik in 2010.?

Correct answer: Winter's Bone
Incorrerct answers:
Silver Linings Playbook
The Hunger Games
American Hustle

Quiz question 17. Jennifer Lawrence portrayed Katniss Everdeen in how many 'Hunger Games' films?

Correct answer: Four
Incorrerct answers:

Quiz question 18. In the 2011 romantic drama 'Like Crazy,' what character did Jennifer Lawrence portray?

Correct answer: Samantha
Incorrerct answers:

Quiz question 19. Jennifer Lawrence appeared alongside Mel Gibson in Jodie Foster's The Beaver. What role did she play in the movie?

Correct answer: Norah
Incorrerct answers:

Quiz question 20. Jennifer Lawrence made her acting debut in a television film titled 'Company Town.' What was the year of its release?

Correct answer: 2006
Incorrerct answers: