1. What is Nikola Jokic's nationality?
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Explore the mesmerizing world of basketball brilliance with the Nikola Jokic Quiz! Whether you've marveled at Jokic's exceptional playmaking skills since his rookie season or just stumbled upon his magic during the Nuggets' thrilling playoff runs, this quiz is your chance to demonstrate the depth of your knowledge. Slam dunk your way through thought-provoking questions that cover various moments of Jokic's career.

Let's talk about a basketball wizard who's been weaving magic on the court – Nikola Jokic. Born in Sombor, Serbia, in 1995, this guy is a maestro orchestrating plays and making the game look like a dance.

Nikola Jokic, often called "The Joker," isn't your typical NBA superstar. You won't find him flexing muscles or throwing flashy dunks. He's giant with a smile that could light up the arena with his soul. It's like watching your buddy play ball at the park, but, you know, with jaw-dropping skills.

Now, imagine a player who can do it all – score, pass, rebound. That's Jokic for you. He's versatile. Need a three-pointer? No problem. Want a no-look pass that leaves you scratching your head? Jokic's got that in his bag of tricks too.

Let's rewind a bit to his early days. Jokic wasn't a hyped-up draft pick; he was a gem waiting to be discovered. The Denver Nuggets saw something special in him and he deliver. From his rookie season, it was clear – this Serbian sensation was here to make a mark.

Now, what sets Jokic apart? It's not just about the stats - it's the way he sees the game. It's like he has this basketball sixth sense. His court vision is off the charts. He's the guy who spots an open teammate across the court and delivers a pass that makes you question the laws of physics.

And the triple-doubles? Jokic makes them look effortless. Points, rebounds, assists – he fills up the stat sheet like he's playing a video game on easy mode. But here's the thing: it's not just about the individual glory for him. Jokic is all about team success, about making his teammates shine as bright as he does.

Let's talk about his MVP season. In 2020-2021, Jokic etched his name in history by becoming the lowest-drafted player to win the NBA MVP award. It was like a fairy tale unfolding – the goofy. Fun-loving center from Serbia reaching the pinnacle of individual recognition.

Off the court, Jokic is the guy you'd want as your neighbor. Humble, down-to-earth, and always sporting that infectious grin. You see him in interviews, and it's like chatting with your buddy about basketball over a burger. There's no superstar ego; it's just Nikola being Nikola.

And have you seen the memes? Jokic's facial expressions have become internet gold. From the "Serbian Stone Cold" look to the "Jokic brothers are coming for you" vibe, the guy unintentionally became a meme sensation. It's a proof of his charm – he doesn't take himself too seriously.

Nikola Jokic is a symbol of unassuming greatness. When he steps on the court, it's not just a game - it's an art form. The precision of his passes, the finesse of his moves – it's poetry in motion.

So, here's to Nikola Jokic – the jolly giant of the NBA. The magician with a basketball, and the guy who redefines what it means to be an MVP. May the passes be flashy, the buckets be plenty, and the smiles never fade. Cheers, Joker!

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Quiz question 1. What is Nikola Jokic's nationality?

Correct answer: Serbian
Incorrerct answers:

Quiz question 2. When was Nikola Jokic born?

Correct answer: February 19, 1995
Incorrerct answers:
June 23, 1995
April 19, 1994
July 12, 1996

Quiz question 3. What position does Nikola Jokic primarily play?

Correct answer: Center
Incorrerct answers:
Point Guard
Shooting Guard
Small Forward

Quiz question 4. Which NBA team drafted Nikola Jokic?

Correct answer: Denver Nuggets
Incorrerct answers:
Los Angeles Lakers
Golden State Warriors
Boston Celtics

Quiz question 5. What is the name of Nikola Jokic's wife?

Correct answer: Natalija
Incorrerct answers:

Quiz question 6. What is Nikola Jokic's nickname?

Correct answer: The Joker
Incorrerct answers:
The Flash
The Beast
The King

Quiz question 7. How many All-Star selections does Nikola Jokic have?

Correct answer: 5
Incorrerct answers:

Quiz question 8. As a player who achieved averaging a 30-point triple-double in a series, alongside LeBron James and Russell Westbrook, Nikola Jokic was?

Correct answer: Third player in NBA history
Incorrerct answers:
Second player in NBA history
Fourth player in NBA history
First player in NBA history

Quiz question 9. What jersey number does Nikola Jokic wear for the Denver Nuggets?

Correct answer: 15
Incorrerct answers:

Quiz question 10. What rare feat did Nikola Jokic achieve, becoming the second player in NBA history to accomplish it (after Wilt Chamberlain)?

Correct answer: Multiple Triple-Doubles (100% field goal shooting)
Incorrerct answers:
Triple-Double Averages
Perfect Game Series
50 Points in a Game

Quiz question 11. In which city was Nikola Jokic born?

Correct answer: Sombor
Incorrerct answers:

Quiz question 12. How many triple-doubles did Nikola Jokic record during the 2020-2021 NBA season?

Correct answer: 16
Incorrerct answers:

Quiz question 13. What is Nikola Jokic's height?

Correct answer: 6'11''
Incorrerct answers:

Quiz question 14. Which NBA player is known to have a close friendship with Nikola Jokic?

Correct answer: Luka Doncic
Incorrerct answers:
LeBron James
Giannis Antetokounmpo
Kevin Durant

Quiz question 15. How many siblings does Nikola Jokic have?

Correct answer: 2
Incorrerct answers:

Quiz question 16. What is Nikola Jokic's career-high in points scored in a single NBA game against the Kings on February 6, 2021?

Correct answer: 50
Incorrerct answers:

Quiz question 17. Which NBA award did Nikola Jokic win for the 2020-2021 season?

Correct answer: MVP
Incorrerct answers:
Defensive Player of the Year
Most Improved Player
Sixth Man of the Year

Quiz question 18. What is Nikola Jokic's favorite hobby outside of basketball?

Correct answer: Horse Caring
Incorrerct answers:
Playing the piano

Quiz question 19. How many times has Nikola Jokic been named the NBA Western Conference Player of the Week as of now?

Correct answer: 13
Incorrerct answers:

Quiz question 20. For which team did Nikola Jokic play in the Adriatic League (2012–2015) before joining the NBA?

Correct answer: Mega Basket
Incorrerct answers:
Crvena Zvezda